Worship is at the very heart of Anglicanism. Its styles vary from very simple to elaborate, or even a combination. Until the late 20th Century the uniting text was the Book of Common Prayer (1662), which we still use on a regular basis each month. Various additional forms such as Common Worship now exist alongside it, and bear a family likeness. Both books give expression to the comprehensiveness found within a Church whose principles are that of a via media (middle way) which seeks to reach out to all who come to worship, find peace, express joy and seek consolation.

The current pattern of services is given below and is constantly under review. Full details will be updated in due course.

1st Sunday.....8:00am Holy Communion (1662) and 10:00am Cafe Church a modern family service preceded by breakfast held in the Winn Hall

2nd Sunday.....10:00am Parish Communion [Common Worship]

3rd Sunday.....10:00am Parish Communion [Common Worship]

4th Sunday.....8:00am Holy Communion [1662] 10:00am Morning Prayer [Common Worship] and 4:00pm A new Funday Service

5th Sunday.....10:00am United Parish Communion at either Dunsfold or Hascombe.